Fall 2016 - Professor Kate Poirier

Author: Gary

Perceptual Learning Modules in Mathematics: Enhancing Students’ Pattern Recognition, Structure Extraction, and Fluency – Luis and Gary

Title: Perceptual Learning Modules in Mathematics: Enhancing Students’ Pattern Recognition, Structure Extraction, and Fluency


The article that we choose is about perceptual learning software where the technology can help produce rapid and enduring advances in learning. In the article it talks about the positives about using perceptual learning software in the classroom with the different experiments conducted with students. In the first experiment 68 students (9th and 10th grade) participated in the study in which the students were broken up into 2 groups, a PLM and a control group. The PLM group used the computers while the control group didn’t use the computers. When the PLM group used the computers they were able to see in recognizing algebraic functions and to transfer of Perceptual Learning improvements in information extraction to algebra problem solving to help the students be able to see and know what the question were saying. The result of the experiment showed that the students that used the perceptual learning modules did better than the control group that were using paper and pencil. Then in the other experiments conducted using students from different grades and different topics. The results were the same as the first experiment that was conducted. Then the authors did another experiment comparing the students that used paper and pencil to the students using the perceptual learning module software. In the third experiment conducted the students had a ball on top of the ruler and a billiard cue poised to strike it. The students had to find the distance traveled and the endpoint. The perceptual learning modules software was a way to help the students to find the cues to help students be able to understand the problems easier. In conclusion using the perceptual learning module software can be a positive thing for students but what about college students.


Would the perceptual learning module software work well for college students taking high level mathematics courses?

When it is appropriate to use technology as a tool-what determines the need?

Graphing Functions and Finding the Domain, Range, Local Minimum and Maximum – Gary Zeng

In my maple project it would be centered around a pre-calculus course on knowing how to factor a polynomial then graph the function. Then the class will tell me what the definition of the domain and range is and also will be shown on maple what the domain and range of the function is. After that I would ask the class to define what is the local minimum and maximum is. Then I would ask students to come up to the board to point out where the local minimum and maximum are in the graph and also ask for the points. Then I would show on maple what the local minimum and maximum are.

Respond To Article and Ted Talk Video

I agree with what the article was stating because in the current times of teaching profession now that in the classroom are using technology. In the classroom teachers used to teach students from their own knowledge but now teachers use teachers to help them teach their lesson. Teachers use different educational websites to help them to the lesson and also help the students learn. The article really connects with how teachers are teaching now currently in the different grades.

The video was similar to the article because both were talking about teaching now and also about technology. When watching the video I believe that a school should be named the cloud. A school should be named the cloud because in this day and age technology are becoming more and more advanced than 50 to 60 years ago. Technology helps a teacher from another country help students by teaching them how to speak. Technology is everywhere in the classroom now and helps the teachers with their lessons.

Teachers aren’t using their own knowledge when explaining materials to students but using to help them learn better. I believe that technology in classrooms do help students learn better than a teacher just writing on a chalkboard answering questions. Technology in the classroom is a good way for students to not be behind learning lessons. When technology are adapted into classrooms teachers need to learn how to use computer programs that they are unfamiliar with. Technology in the classroom are a positive way for classrooms and teachers to keep up modern times and teach students the way that students now are able to learn from the technology that they use in their everyday lives.

Morley Theorem

In plane geometry, Morley’s trisector theorem stated that in any triangle, the three points of intersection of the adjacent angle trisectors form an equilateral triangle.




HW # 7 “Does Using Technology Help Students Retain Information They Learn?”

In the article the author begins talking about how the students in a 2nd grade class were able to use power point in the class. The author talks about integrating technology into the lesson. The article also talks about the positives about using technology in the classroom. Giving surveys to the students and asking questions to know how much does technology affect the students. Talking about how technology technology is a good thing for students in the classroom. The author learned that when students were using technology in the classroom that the students aren’t afraid to try things and also that the children are growing up in a world where technology plays a big part. From the reading the students were able to remember more from using the computers in the presentations.

From reading the article I like how the the author had questions that they were wondering about and found the answers that they were looking for. I like how the author uses students from a middle school for his inquiry. I like how you start off with a simple topic of trying to explain powerpoint to the middle school students. I think that the research that the person did with the middle school students was smart because teaching technology to younger generation is a good way to with learning technology in schools. I enjoyed the questions that you still had from doing this experiment with the middle school students.

Project 1: Exponential Functions

In my project I would be defining what is a exponential function is and also asking a question that will help students understand what is an exponential function using a real life example. I would be using desmos to help me graph the function by showing the different points that the question ask them to find so that the class can see the graph better than trying to graph the function themselves.



Introducing Gary Zeng

Hi my name is Gary I’m from Brooklyn, NY I’ve lived there my whole life and I probability move away later on in life or just stay here. I’m asian, and I prefer to speak in english than speaking in Chinese.

I became interest in math when I was in middle school and high school because I would enjoy the fun activities and stories my teacher in middle would do when doing a review before a test or when learning about a new topic in class. When I was in high school I was a teacher’s assistant for one of my summers and I enjoyed doing it and made me want to continue doing this again in the future.  My favorite topics in math are algebra, trigonometry, and statistics because I had a lot of fun when I was taking these course in high school and in college. My least favorite topic is calculus 2 because when I taken the class I found the course challenging and the professors not trying to make the course better for students to understand the material or fun. I have used Desmos and maple before and I’m interested in learning about geogebra. After I graduate from citytech my short term goals are to go for a master degree probability in city college while my long term goals are to get a job teaching at a middle school or a high school teaching.

I’m really excited about this course and the new programs I’ll be learning throughout the semester.