Fall 2016 - Professor Kate Poirier

Project #4: Research Article – due Thursday, December 15

For project #4, you and a partner will report on an academic journal about technology in math education.


  1. Choose an article from one of the journals listed below. The article should be around 10-20 pages long and should have been published between 2006 and 2016.
  2. Your article must be approved by me. Comment on this post with your choice; include the title and author(s) of the article, the journal name, and year of publication. Each pair must choose a different article, so make sure to check others’ posts before you claim yours. Post your claim by midnight on Friday, December 9.
  3. Submit an OpenLab post with the following:
    1. The title and author(s) of the article, the journal name, and year of publication.
    2. A 1- or 2-paragraph summary of the article.
    3. Details about one important point made by the article. Write this as a question with a short essay response. (The reason for writing it as a question and response is that these questions will serve as inspiration for one of your final exam questions.) Make your question and essay response as clear as possible as it will serve as a study guide for your peers.
    4. One discussion question about the important point from the item 3 above (or more discussion questions, if you like).
    5. Add the category “Project #4: Research Article” to your post.
  4. Together with your partner, prepare a 5-10 minute presentation based on your OpenLab post and prepare to lead a short discussion with the class about the important point you chose to report on above.

Due date: Thursday, December 15


  • Journal for Research in Mathematics Education

  • Educational Studies in Mathematics

  • Mathematics Teacher

  • Mathematics Teaching in Middle School

  • For the Learning of Mathematics

  • Research in Mathematics Education

  • Mathematics Education Research Journal

  • The Australian Mathematics Teacher

  • College Mathematics Journal

  • Journal of Mathematics Education at Teachers College

Journal access

These journals may be accessed through the CityTech library. You can view them online from anywhere by following the directions here.


  1. abdelmajid

    Magid and Mei
    Source: college library website : Electronic journal of mathematics & technology
    Published: from 02/01/2007 to 12/31/2014 this article is published on this time frame
    Journal article Title: Conditions for effective Use of Interactive On-Line Learning Objects: The case of a fractions computer based learning sequence.
    Authors: Catherine D. Bruce and John Ross

    • Mei Zhu

      🙂 Work hard. We are partners again.

  2. Armando Cosme

    Armando & Tyniqua
    Map scale, proportion and Google Earth
    Martin C Roberge and Linda L Cooper
    Math Teachin In Middle School

    *Me and my partner did not agree on this, i’m choosing for us in favor of this article to make the 12’o clock dead line

    • Tyniqua

      This article is fine with me, because the one I chose needs further results to measure effectiveness of a certain teaching style involving urban mathematical teaching and learning, So we agreed to stick with our original article:
      Map scale, proportion and Google Earth
      Martin C Roberge and Linda L Cooper
      Math Teachin In Middle School

    • Mei Zhu

      I love this topic when I was reading the title.

  3. Evelin

    Evelin and Sonam
    It is a bit too long, but the majority of the article includes graphs and charts so I think is not that bad.

    • Evelin

      Evelin and Sonam
      Title: Slower Algebra Students Meet Faster Tools: Solving Algebra Word Problems With Graphing Software
      Author: Michael Yerushalmy
      Journal Name: Journal for Research in Mathematics Education
      Year of Publication: 2006

  4. Gary

    Luis and Gary
    Source: college library website: Electronic journal of mathematics & technology
    Published: from 2009
    Journal article Title: Perceptual Learning Modules in Mathematics: Enhancing Students’ Pattern Recognition, Structure Extraction, and Fluency
    Authors: Philip J. Kellman, Christine M. Massey, Ji Y. Son

    • Kate Poirier

      Looks like this appeared in “Topics in Cognitive Science” not “Electronic journal of mathematics & technology.”

  5. Josiel

    Josiel and Jodel
    Source: EBSCO Database from Citytech Library
    Published: October 1st, 2014
    Title: Key factors for Successful Integration of Technology into the Classroom: Textbooks and Teachers
    Author(s): Hee-Chan Lew, Seo-Young Jeong

    • Kate Poirier

      Hi guys, what journal did this appear in?

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