For this project the audience would be college level calculus 1, students should have taking pr-calculus as a prerequisite, in addition students should have a pr-knowledge that consists of the table of differentials, be familiar with some deferential properties such us, the power rule, product rule, and the qotiont rule.

About the presentation, it is a lesson on how to use maple to differentiate some functions or in another word finding the first, second or third derivative of a functions that involves, fractions, square roots, trigonometry identities, exponential and natural logarithm. I think this a very important topic in calculus, students usually don’t remember the table of differentials and some of the properties of derivatives and maple is a good tool that can handle that. Finding derivatives involves a lot of formulas and a hard computations, and Maple is a great tool for that job. Maple is known for its capabilities of computing complex and sophisticated formulas which other math software fail to do like Geogebra and Desmos. Students also can use Maple to  check if a derivative of a function is correct after computing it by hand.

I don’t have any files to upload because I did everything in maple,  but I do have a hand out to hand in class.