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Teachers: Sage vs. Guide -Josiel

I am a very gullible person and I sometimes over think certain things. The article that I just read made me rethink about becoming an educator. And that is not cool because I am so close to finishing. It’s not a matter of me agreeing to the article but I believe it CAN happen and it’s really scary to think about it. After watching the TED talk and reading the article, I can actually see a future education where teachers are merely just facilitators and the students are learning for themselves. They are being guided and being asked questions. Michael Godsy said in his article: “-that teachers should transfer from being a ‘sage on the stage’ to being a ‘guide on the side’”. Although it rhymed it hit me.

From the classes we’re taking now in the math education program, we are learning how to guide students in math so that they can learn themselves, and I can see how clear and beneficial it is for teachers to do that. But what if the education system sees this as a new market. What if they see the significant cost savings and performance of these “videos”? There are SO many online resources for learning. Khan Academy is one perfect example. There is so much information online, at our finger tips, why go to school?

Although it is scary to think about technology taking over schools, but a HUGE significant aspect is missing that technology cannot do, and that is human to human connection. Although the TED talk with Sugata Mitra mentioned skyping with students, it is not the same as a teacher being in the classroom communicating with his/her students face to face. It is one way to learn a concept or topic through the internet, and it is another way for a person to guide a student in their learning process. I believe it is more effective and the role of educators is not just to ‘facilitate a classroom’ but it is to guide students in their learning and help them discover whatever it is they should discover. Technology is a helpful resource and it should stay as a resource for guided learning. It should replace educators.

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  1. Kate Poirier

    Josiel, in your last sentence, do you mean that technology *shouldn’t* replace educators?!!? I hope!!

    While it’s easy to lose hope thinking that technology can replace teachers, you touched on your review what technology can’t do and I think you hit the nail on the head.

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