Firstly  the rubric was good and appropriate to use, I found it easy to work with, the questions stated clearly and in order. under each column the descriptions are accurate and very detailed. In addition  I think that is good that there is only 4 to 3 questions to answer because we only have 3 min window to answer them, it fits our time frame perfectly. we did a rubric in Medu1010 class but not in a computer, it was just in  piece of paper where you have to answer questions about the presenter. I remember it took time for us to complete it. So I think doing that in the computer is more effective.

I didn’t consider the rubric when  I was preparing my presentation, witch I should have done. because from it you can see what a perfect presentation should be. so for my next time I will definitely consider it to improve my presentation.

I don’t think we should change  anything in the rubric, it is brief, clear and accurate.