I think this rubric was appropriate for the presentations because it has many expectations of a good teacher. First, the presentation was not very long, and people might think that the rubric required too much for a ten-minute presentation. However, as heard from some fellow students who already done student teaching, the actual lesson in a class was about 20 minutes. As a result, using this rubric for our presentations will prepare us for future lesson plans. Better off will always be better than unprepared for something new.

It was not easy for me when the first presenter presented because it seemed a little beyond what I expected to grade a classmate’s presentation. To be honest, I concentrated on the descriptors of the rubric and did not read the four levels of comments very carefully.

I was not so confident with the grading that I did feel bad to assign a low grade for the presenter who spent time and worked hard for this mini lesson.

I did not consider the rubric that carefully when I was preparing my presentation, but I think I will learn more if I refer to this rubric for future presentations. It is indeed a very good exercise for each of us to be well prepared for the class and the students. Understanding this rubric and making use of the rubric well will help us perform like a profession.

It surprised me when I read one of the descriptions“The presentation has a clearly defined structure with elegant transitions and an effective introduction and conclusion.” in the rubric. I understand that that is very important to get students’ attention at the beginning of the class and be clear at the end of the lesson. The, students will get an idea what they are going to learn out of this lesson. Also, reviewing the topics at the end of the class will strengthen students’ active learning. However, it is not easy at all because we should consider the class as a whole and make sure students are in the same pace so no one is falling behind.

In my MEDU 1010 class, we also had a presentation at the end of the semester. We had to make a lesson plan and to make a 15- minute presentation in the class. Each of us would have a task paper to act different roles. So, our comments to the presenter would be based on how he or she made the rules to the students. The Do Now activity, the interactions with students, and also immediate action taking for students who talked in the class, phones at hand, or dozed off in the classroom. We graded the presentation using an overall grade and then in details writing about the grade level of the lesson was for, how the presenter reacts to the class, and how he or she wrapped up the lesson at the end.

In my opinion, the feedback form is enough because it has the three main characteristics of a good teacher. The form was easy because there are only four items we need to fill out. I think for the writing part, we can divide it into two parts. One part is stating what the presenter did well, and the other one is about what the presenter needs to improve to do better next time.