In my opinion, I thought the rubric was a helpful tool to guide us through what the professor was looking for in our presentations. The only real problem I had with the rubric was that on the first day, I did not have a chance to read through it clearly word for word and analyze it. It is appropriate to use a rubric for any presentation in my opinion, It gives us/me some type of guide to rate our fellow students and ourselves and it was really easy to understand how to get a good grade. As mentioned earlier, when it comes to rubrics, I feel a little time in advance is needed to be able to really take in all the information and realize what is being asked. In future projects that topics won’t vary much, but I’d like to see the rubric be a bit more specific on what the goals are, this was one of those projects where we did have so many different topics so I do understand this rubric had to be broad. If given beforehand, I always look over the rubric after preparing to make sure I hit all aspects in the “4’s” column and if not, I usually edit my project.

The forum on the other hand was a very fast and efficient. I do like that it was a very quick way to evaluate and give feedback, the only thing I’d change is that I’d ask specific questions rather than just insert a comment section. It was hard to explain what my brain was thinking in a comments section with time ticking and other students talking in the background. I had thought of some things to say after I had pressed submit. If a question were there with an open comment section, I may have been able to remember.