Personally I didn’t use the rubric for my presentation. This was actually my first time looking at the rubric. Overall I thought the rubric was very easy to understand and it set clear standards.  For me, I don’t like using rubric even though I hear it’s a good tool. I’ve had teachers used rubrics with me before but I don’t like using them. I feel like it puts a bit more pressure on me to get my work, presentation in this case, to be perfect.  With this rubric it wasn’t as “picky” as other rubrics I’ve seen in the past. Which to me personally is okay. I also thought did rubric was appropriate for this presentation. As well as for our future presentations.

The form we used to submit feedback to our classmates was actually really entertaining. I actually thought that this was a good idea. It kept me focused on the presentations and I felt like I was actually being useful rather than just being an audience for the presenter.