I believe that the rubric was a fine guide for us to determine the grades for our classmates. Still, I felt funny grading some of our classmates on topics I have never seen before because I was not sure if their presentation was good or not being that I had no previous experience in the topic so my scores reflected that. Some of the students I felt knew what they were talking about, even though, their presentation could have been clearer, such as, the clarity ofย  their speech – for some I could not understand them or they were using the wrong words to explain their topic or present their work on the slides. Although, they knew how to use desmos and technology better than me. I think writing and English skills should be of more importance when teaching all subjects in the classroom, and that goes for me as well. These skills can be a serious barrier between students and teachers that must be improved, because the teacher may have a brilliant mind but it has to come through when they are teaching. So I believe column 4 which uses the word eloquently should be used when determining all aspects of a presentation because it is very important to be clear. I hope I don’t sound too judgemental but this is also something that I am working on. Also, I like the feedback I got from my classmates because I did not realize that my back was facing them the majority of the time, so I appreciate their honesty and I will use their constructive criticism ion order to improve on my presentations.