Hi everyone, I’ve skimmed your project #1 posts and I’m really looking forward to your presentations this week!

To save time, I’ve already determined the order you’ll speak in using the Random Thing Picker:

  1. Majid
  2. Josiel
  3. Sonam
  4. Armando
  5. Mei
  6. Luis
  7. Gary
  8. Eve
  9. Josue
  10. Jodel
  11. Tyniqua

Recall that you’ll have 10 minutes to present. We’ll fit in as many presentations as we can today and finish them up on Thursday.

Recall also that you’ll be offering feedback for each other’s presentations using this form. Refer to this rubric to assign values for the different components of each presentation. Your submissions will be anonymous and will be shared with the presenters once all presentations are complete.