Professor Kate Poirier | D071 | Fall 2023

Week 5 checklist

Tuesday, September 26 to Monday, October 2

Professor Frink flipping pages on a clipboard and saying, "Well, according to my calculations"



  • Are you bad at math? Really??? (Instructions here)


  • Numerical Methods-Euler
  • Numerical Methods-Improved Euler
  • Numerical Methods-Runge-Kutta
    • The Runge-Kutta problem may give you an error message but you should still be able to complete the problem

Coming up

  • We start Chapter 5 in Week 6
    • Chapter 5 has some similarities with Chapter 2 in that you will be solving differential equations by hand, but in Chapter 5 you will be solving second order equations
  • Test #2
    • Thursday, October 5
    • Covers Chapter 3 (Numerical Methods)
  • Project #1
    • Part 1 (partners) due on the OpenLab Monday, October 16
    • Part 2 (groups) due on the OpenLab Monday, October 23
    • Instructions here

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