Professor Kate Poirier | D071 | Fall 2023

Introducing Javed P

Hey, I’m Javed…… I currently do casino management, love dogs, and I’m absolutely obsessed with playing pool. I have an extensive banking background and aspire to mix my CET degree and work experience in a later career. I’m a busybody so most of my classes are remote. Despite my serious demeanor in most cases, I have a strong humorous side when I’m comfortable. I’m excited about this class and I’ll ensure I do well.


  1. Angelica Tellez

    Hey Javed, I also love playing pool (it’s all math haha)!

    • Javed Pitt

      LOL nothing but calculations. It’s amazing.

  2. Erick Hidalgo

    Whats up Javed, I know this response is a little late but just wanted to say its cool that were both in the same major and also we are in CET 3625 together! Cool to see someone from one of my computer classes in this class.

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