Professor Kate Poirier | OL67 | Fall 2020


Hello, Good afternoon Professor. 

I’m having trouble going to webwork. It doesn’t even load when I click on the link even tho my connection is fine and the internet is pretty fast. I tried from every single device I have but it’s saying “safari couldn’t open the page because the server stopped responding”. I don’t know if I’m the only one having this problem but will you please look into that. Thank you!


  1. Richard Li

    Yea it has not been working for me either past couple days

    • Rratri14

      I know! At first I thought it was my internet.

  2. Ryjll Morris

    Yes, I have been getting the same issue as well.

  3. wadudkhan

    I’m having issues accessing City Techs Webwork site as well. It looks like it’s down for everyone.

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