I’ve just learned from the WeBWorK administrator that the issues that the site is having this weekend probably won’t be resolved for a few more days.

Don’t worry!

As soon as I can get into WeBWorK, I’ll extend the deadlines for the sets that were due tonight. I’ll post here again once that happens.

Edit 9/7: The WeBWorK administrator has to visit campus to reset the WeBWorK server. This should happen sometime tomorrow (Tuesday). WeBWorK sets that were due yesterday will now be due (along with new WeBWorK sets) next Sunday.

Edit 9/8: The WeBWorK administrator is meeting with CIS tomorrow (Wednesday), so hopefully WeBWorK will be back up sometime tomorrow. In the meantime, please see the textbook homework exercises listed on the schedule page here. These are good practice and will get you ready to complete the WeBWorK problems once the site is back up again.