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WebWork 2 – Separable Equations Help Pls

Problem 2

I don’t know where I’m making a mistake

Problem 3

I followed the hint too but still don’t know where I’m going wrong

Problem 7 and 8

Anyone else knows what the hint means by “Use a substitute variable to replace y in order to make this DE separable”?

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  1. Kate Poirier

    Hi Brian. Your work for Problems 2 and 3 looks good! (Your writing is very clear and organized too….so beautiful!) Once I’m able to log into WeBWorK again, I’ll check if WeBWorK was expecting something different.

    Without Problems 7 and 8 in front of me, it’s hard to guess what the hint is trying to tell you. From the sounds of it, you might need to perform integration by substitution on one side or the other of your equation.

  2. Kate Poirier

    Hi again Brian. I just checked what WeBWorK wants for your Problem #2. It says that it wants the general solution *implicitly*. This means that it wants your equation right after integrating, so your step 7. I’ll take a look at your other problems later, but this might help with those too.

    • Kate Poirier

      WeBWorK even wants those negative signs on the left and on the right….

    • Kate Poirier

      Yeah, same comment for your Problem #3: it wants the step right after integrating so that you’re entering the general solution in implicit form.

    • Kate Poirier

      Problems 7 and 8 want you to recognize that the right hand side is really a function of \frac{y}{x}. For these, setting u = \frac{y}{x} will help you to see that this equation is actually separable. We’ll see an example like this in class tomorrow morning if you can wait!

    • Brian Enriquez

      thank you! these directed me to the right answer for 2 and 3. I’ll wait for 7 and 8!

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