Professor Kate Poirier | OL67 | Fall 2020

Introducing Fabio Gonzalez Colacicco

Hey, My name is Fabio. I live in NY Manhattan. I am a junior in mechanical engineering here at city tech. I hope to work full time in an engineering company soon. I game and I am proficient and adaptable to situations. In my free time I exercise and play games on my PC like League or Apex. I enjoy modeling and working with software related to those skills. I hope to have a great time with you all this term. 😀


  1. Jian Hui

    Hello Fabio Gonzalez Colacicco, If league refer to League of Legend. I still play that game but not as often. I will be looking forward in working with you and other students in the class.

  2. Omrit P

    Hey Fabio, we have some things in common like League and Apex in common but I didn’t play much of Apex but I play league more.

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