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Final Exam Review

1. Use pseudocode to describe an algorithm that takes a list of n integers a1, a2, . . ., an and finds the number of integers which are greater than 5 in the list. 2. Use pseudocode to descibe an … Continue reading

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Upcoming important dates

Monday, May 16: Project due by 11:59pm (via email) Wednesday, May 18: Quiz #10/HW #10 due Monday, May 23: OpenLab Final Exam Review assignment due by 7:59am Wednesday, May 25: Final exam day!!!

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Final Exam Review – OpenLab assignment

As announced in class today, your final OpenLab assignment is to create your own final exam and post it. You may make up questions yourself or you may copy them from previous tests homework and quizzes practice problems The format … Continue reading

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