Final Review. Francisco Tamay

1.Describe an algorithm that takes as input a list of n integers and finds the location of the last even integer or returns 0 if there are no even integers on the list

2. Show that f(x)=x²+x+1 is O (x²)

3. Use mathematical induction to prove that the sum of the cubes of the first n positive integers in n²(n+1)²∖4

4. Solve the recurrence relation an = an-1+ 6 an-2  for n>=2 with initial conditions a0 = 3, a1 = 6

5.Give a big O estimate for an increasing function f which satisfies n=2^k,  f(n)=f(n/2)+1 with f(1)=1

6.Find a close form for the generating sequence  : 0 ,0, 3, -3, 3 ,-3, 3, -3

7.What is a minimum spanning tree?

8. Construct a binary tree with prefix codes representing these code schemes

d = 00

i = 010

o = 011

t = 11000

u = 11001

y =111




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