Homework due and quiz #9 – Wednesday, May 4

8.3 #14, 15, 16

8.4 #2, 4, 8, 10, 12

It might not be immediately obvious because the wording is a little different, but the exercises from 8.4 are similar to the examples we saw in class today. If it’s not clear what a “closed form” means, you can check the answers in the back of the book for the corresponding odd-numbered problems to see what form the answers are in. You’ll probably find the table on page 542 will be useful. We discussed the entries in rows 4 and 5 of that table in detail today; the entries in the next few rows are modifications of those.

Just a reminder: while formal power series are not polynomials, you can manipulate them in much the same way you would polynomials. For example, to add two power series, you add like terms; to multiply power series, you distribute terms. This is all that Theorem 1 on page 538 is saying.

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2 Responses to Homework due and quiz #9 – Wednesday, May 4

  1. Rivka Ligier says:

    Hi Prof.

    You put #12 as a homework example twice. Is 2,4,6,8,10,12 the correct homework problems?

  2. Kate Poirier says:

    Hi Rivka,

    Oops! Good catch! No, I just accidentally typed “12” twice. I’ll correct the list above.


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