11.4 Problem 28


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  1. Eric says:

    What did you use to make this?

  2. Javier Joya says:

    What? What do you mean what did I use? Remember how Professor Thiel taught this? That’s what I used!

  3. Kate Poirier says:

    Hi Javier. I think Eric might be asking about what software you used to create your tree. My guess is Microsoft Word…?

    Since you’re asked to use backtracking, you technically should produce the whole tree, even though it’s huge. Depending on which of (a), (b), and (c) you’re answering, you can eliminate large subtrees, though. For (a), where you’re looking for a sum of 20, you can eliminate the whole right-subtree since every subset would include the element 27 and the sum would already be too big. For (b) and (c) you can eliminate large subtrees too.

    So rather than producing one incomplete tree for all three parts of the question, and then separately arguing about the sum 20 of separately, you should produce three separate trees which are complete, but with the appropriate subtrees eliminated. It should amount to the same work that you’ve done, just a different presentation of the results.

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