Test #1 and OpenLab Review Assignment

Test #1 will be given in class next Wednesday, March 9. (The calendar has not yet been updated to reflect this.)

Your review assignment is due by 8am on Monday, March 7. Select one of the practice problems listed in the calendar, or any of the homework exercises that you have been assigned. Submit an OpenLab post with the full question and your full solution. Do not submit a question that has already been submitted. You may type directly (you can use \LaTeX to typeset mathematical symbols if you know how) or you can upload a photo of your beautiful and neat hand-written work. Select the category “Test #1 Review” from the right-hand side of the screen before publishing your post. Title your post “Test #1 Review – [your name].” Try not to choose the easiest problems; remember that this exercise is designed for you and your classmates to review for next week’s test. For extra credit, find an error in someone else’s submission and correct it in a comment.

By 8am Monday there will be 28 questions and answers for you to review from. You can click on the “Test #1 Review” category at any time to see all the submissions in one place.

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  1. Donald Young says:

    Prof. Poirier,
    The class competition was very cool. A lot of the class enjoyed that. Maybe it was the thrill of competition. I think we should do more of that.

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