Introducing Miguel Castillo

My major is Applied Mathematics, financial concentration. I chose this major because I like to work with numbers. Math is an interesting subject, my friends tell me that I am crazy to choose it as my major. Having 3-4 math classes a semester really scares people haha. I hope to become a statistician or actuary after I graduate. I am interested in Recursive Algorithms. My hobbies include, sports, reading and video games.

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3 Responses to Introducing Miguel Castillo

  1. Rivka Ligier says:

    Even though your friends think your crazy it’s worth it taking all those math classes. You’re doing something that most people wont because they’re afraid.

  2. Benjamin Lin says:

    What games do you play? Also math is not scary at all. What 3-4 math class are you taking at the moment?

  3. ChrisG says:

    I can relate I am taking 4 math classes this semester. Linear Algebra, Calculus 2, Statistics and Probability, and Discrete Math 2

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