Introducing Kate Poirier

I’ve been a professor in the math department at CityTech for a few years now, but this is my first time teaching this course. I’m pretty excited about it; teaching the same thing over and over again can sometimes get boring and every time I teach something new, I learn something new. So that keeps things interesting for me. As I mentioned in class, I don’t have as much programming experience as many of you already do, so I expect you’ll be pushing me pretty hard on that aspect this semester!

Outside of teaching, I do research in pure math. My field is algebraic topology. If you want to distract me sometime, ask me about it. I can go on for hours! What I like about topology is that it can be super visual. I have a background in visual art, so I love that working in topology allows me to draw picture all day long. It’s the best.

I grew up in Toronto, Canada, and completed my Bachelors degree in math there. I then moved to New York and completed my Doctorate in math at the CUNY Graduate Center. After that, I worked at the University of California, Berkeley for a few years, which was really fun. I felt like I was on vacation every day! Even though I’m from Canada, I hate the cold (though I admit to having fun playing in the big snowstorm we had a few weeks ago). I’m happy to be back in New York now, even if I do have to bundle up in the winter. I like reading, running, and riding my bike (in nice weather…I’m a real wimp). I haven’t made any art of my own lately, but I still get out to the museums and galleries from time to time to check out what’s going on.

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