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Introducing Shah Nawaz

Hello, my fellow peers my name is Shah Nawaz and It’s my third year here at City Tech, which means i’ll be graduating soon. I just got into computers just for the fun of it because i been interested in computers for a long time since i was in middle school.At home i be opening computers and cleaning them from inside and just i am amazed the amount of technology that goes into a small device such as a laptop. After graduating i hope to find a good job in the computer related field although i don’t have short term or long term goals yet but still i hope to pass college and at least a bachelor’s degree. I hope to gain a lot of knowledge from this course and how algorithms play a role in our daily life. My hobbies include playing pool and basketball. Bye Now hope to see you soon – peers!!!!

Introducing Joshua Morton

Hi my name is Joshua Morton and I am currently majoring in computer systems, specifically the software development track.  I am looking to develop my skills in coding and understand techniques in applying algorithms to my future coding projects.  I want to be a game developer in the near future.  My goal is the creation of my own gaming studio with friends while i’m here in college to start our business.  Other than that, some of my hobbies included video gaming, video gaming, and video gaming. (sorry for the late post)

Introducing Fuad Shalek

Hello everyone I am Fuad shalek. My major is Computer System Technology. When i was younger my cousin introduced me to computers. After that I became really interested in it and wanted to learn more about how it  operates.  My hope after I graduate is to find an entry level job in my field that will allow me to have enough financial stability to allow me to further my education.  From this class I want to gain an understanding of how the algorithm and discrete mathematics are used in programming. My other interest are video games and PC building.

Introducing Iscah Slater

About Me:

  • Your major: Computer Systems with a focus in IT Operations
  • How you got interested in math/computer science? When I was 10 years old and my grandmother brought a Windows XP desktop for my siblings and I to play on, and when I got my first android phone in the 11th grade that when I officially became somewhat of a tech nerd.
  • What you hope to do after you graduate from CityTech; (short-term goals, long-term goals): Short term Goals, graduate by the Fall, earn a PMP certification and travel. Long term goals:  get into something involving Real Estate, Business and Tech or work for the government or maybe the military.
  • What you hope to get out of this course (I don’t mean which grade you want!) Learn how use discrete math in a Technology and Business Setting.
  • Other interests/hobbies you have:  Building LEGO modulars as well collecting them. Architecture/Interior Design and Real Estate Investing.

Introduction Ricardo Cunningham

Hey whats up everyone how are you guys doing as you can see my name is Ricardo. I am a computer systems major this is my third  year her i have already completed my associates currently going for my bs in the same field.

but anyway enough of the boring stuff. i love to drive an build cars and motor cycles  i also ride ATVs.

I am a huge anime fan bleach is the greatest and i love trying new things and going different places. OH and the most important aspect of my life and coolest thing I love Jesus so. i hope this class will be aswome and amazing and someone will introduce me to some new food spots.

Introducing Geovanny Raposo

I’m majoring in ComputerSystems Technology, in the software development track. I received my Associates degree from BMCC where I first was majoring in Graphic Design, but then changed it to Multimedia-design due to having an interest in web development.

I came here to City Tech because not only did I want a bachelors degree, but I wanted to continue learning about programming. I have no clue what I’m going to do after City Tech, only that I will most definitely be happy that it’s finally over.

From this course I hope to gain sufficient knowledge so that I can go on to Discrete Structure 2 with no problems.

As of hobbies, skateboarding recently hit my interests, so I’ve been very slowly learning how to do it. I’m also a musician; I play piano, guitar, ukulele, and some drums. I’ve worked in a music studio for the past 4 years giving music lessons. It recently closed down, so I’m not doing it anymore, but teaching was kinda fun!

Myrka Veloz’s intro

Throughout my professional and educational career, I have consistently driven myself to meet new challenges and achieve goals it is within this type of result-oriented-environment that I particularly excel. It is exactly these qualities that attract me to a highly competitive and exciting career in the Information Technology industry. Sometimes I see myself at the top floor of a business institution looking down at the works of my hands and feeling a sense of achievement, fulfillment, accomplishment and triumph all at the same time. In faith, this dream would be completed through hard work and dedication. My working experience has helped me enhance my knowledge, skills, and passion for technology. I have worked in my college as a college laboratory technician where I maintained the lab equipment, made sure everything was functioning properly with the hardware and software and even helped students understand programming languages such as HTML, SQL, JAVA, and Oracle, with a company called Infor as a value engineering and references scholar where I worked in positions that involved data mining, data research, data analysts, data requirements translation from English to Spanish, and for the Department of Education as the technical support intern for the past year where I monitored various laptops, desktops, printers and installed software. These jobs have taught me what commitment, hard work and time management is all about. As I have managed to blend both my academic career and my job together while still being prompt in submitting in work,preparing for exams, and excelling in them. I thrive in situations where I have to work under pressure as it makes me alert and spurs me in doing even greater things.

Introducing Kazi Islam

Hello Everyone, My Major is CST in Software Development Track.  I am currently working for Express Scripts as a Software Developer. Three years ago i got my associate and then i got a job so i left to work. I came back to finish my bachelor degree. I am hoping to gain in depth knowledge of programming and algorithms. I am hoping this class will help me develop better understanding of algorithms. Once i graduate, I am hoping to get master degree as well. One of my hobby is to play cricket, if i have free time i also like to read and research.


Introducing Jose Partida

  • Major : My major is CST with a track of Databases, although HTML also looks really interesting to me.
  • I mainly got into computers as a kid since my parent’s bought a home computer on a whim, and I had to essentially teach them how to use it since I would be on it all day.
  • After getting my bachelors from City Tech, I hope to find a entry level database job and work my way up with experience from there.
  • Honestly this course just seems like it’s going to be interesting so a firm understanding of the concepts .
  • Other hobbies :  Have a pet dog named Spikey. Also I work as a assistant manager for a Edible Arrangements in the bronx ( yes that fancy fruit place).

Introducing me.(Juliano Everett)

Well, My name’s Juliano. At this point in my life, I can only see myself being someone within the field of the gaming industry. Currently, I’m in the field of computer science in hopes to one day become a game developer, and program my own games(Or games in general). I was originally a Mechanical Engineering major, and while robotics are pretty cool, I’ve had an interest in programming and development in general. I would definitely recommend for anyone to try the mech 1101 class if they’re the least bit interested in learning how to draft basic projects and then create them using steel or any material. (In general, there’s a bunch of cool stuff in that building, milling machines, lathes, 3d printer, water jet, CNC machines etc.) Weird recommendation for a bunch of computer majors I know… But you never know what could be useful to you one day.

I got into computers a very long time ago when I use to do basic upgrades on my computer, which eventually led to building my own computers, and now this.  After Tech I plan to continue my education while working and completing any endeavor or projects I think of. I’m young and there’s plenty to do in life.  I hope within this course I learn enough to develop an understanding and hopefully, it’ll be something applicable to what  I do.

In terms of what my hobbies and interests are… I do quite a few things.  When I’m not in the gym, I’m reading, writing and developing games for myself. If all goes well hopefully I’ll have some stuff on kindle and the app store soon.  For anyone else interested in games; Unity is an amazing free resource. 🙂

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