Professor Kate Poirier, Spring 2017

Author: Jose Partida

Test 3 Solutions #1

Using hashing function h(k)=k mod 5 to determine the memory locations of the following identification numbers.

ID Number            Memory Location

034567891            1

183211232            2

220195477            2, but 2 is taken, so 3

987255355            0

104578890            0 , but 0 is taken, so 4

Introducing Jose Partida

  • Major : My major is CST with a track of Databases, although HTML also looks really interesting to me.
  • I mainly got into computers as a kid since my parent’s bought a home computer on a whim, and I had to essentially teach them how to use it since I would be on it all day.
  • After getting my bachelors from City Tech, I hope to find a entry level database job and work my way up with experience from there.
  • Honestly this course just seems like it’s going to be interesting so a firm understanding of the concepts .
  • Other hobbies :  Have a pet dog named Spikey. Also I work as a assistant manager for a Edible Arrangements in the bronx ( yes that fancy fruit place).