Fall 2018 | Professor Kate Poirier

Author: Taraeah Hill

Introducing Taraeah Hill

My name is Taraeah Hill and my major is applied chemistry, I became interested in my major because science was always interesting to me and I always did well so I said why not. Once I finish with MAT 1575 that will conclude all the math classes I will have to take and after I graduate from City Tech I will go to Dental school. Some of my other hobbies are baking and cooking, a lot of my baked goods are sold from time to time. I enjoy skateboarding especially when it gets warmer thats a perfect time to skate and one thing I’m proud of is sticking with things even if times got hard. A time I overcame something was transferring from my SUNY to here a lot of things are EXTREMELY different since coming here but I guess I’m making the best of it. One of my favorite books are  Black Smoke and my favorite animals are tigers, sharks, wolves and monkey’s.

Pronouns: She, her and hers