Instructions for Test #3b are detailed here and summarized below.

  1. Make sure you are familiar with the academic honesty policy here.
  2. If you haven’t already, sign up for an interview time slot here (Webex/Zoom links for interviews will be posted later).
  3. Test #3b opens Wednesday at noon; closes Friday at noon.
  4. Once you start the test, you have one hour to complete the WeBWorK component and another 30 minutes to submit your written work. (Late submissions will incur a penalty of 5 points every 30 minutes.)
  5. Show all your work. Use a new piece of paper for each question. Write the page number and question number clearly at the top of the page, along with your name.
    • If you are integrating, don’t forget to check your antiderivatives by differentiating.
    • If you are using a convergence test, don’t forget to state which one.
  6. If you use scrap paper for your rough work, write “Rough” at the top of the page and include it at the end of the document with your written work.
  7. Submit your written work as a single PDF. Include your Student ID in the photos of your work.
  8. Use this link to upload your written work (this is a different link from last week’s for Test #3a).
  9. After you take the test, you can take a second version of it (with different questions) after 24 hours. Use the same link to upload your written work. Only the written work corresponding to the higher WeBWorK score will be graded.
  10. Try to relax, if you can! Just do your best, whatever your best is right now.
    • This test has 5 questions.
    • You have two days during which you can take two versions of the test.
    • You have the option to change your course grade to credit/no credit later.
    • This test is important for your course grade, but grades might not be the most important thing in your life right now.

Your WeBWorK test score will not count toward your Test #3 grade. It will be used only to determine which version of your written work will be graded. Your Test #3 grade will be calculated as follows:

    • 1/3 Test #3a written work
    • 1/3 Test #3b written work
    • 1/3 interview