We’re in the home stretch of the semester! There are two more weeks of classes before final exam week. Things usually feel *pretty* stressful at this point in the semester…and that’s when everything is normal. This is not a normal semester! I hope you are all managing the best you can and can see the light at the end of the tunnel.


A few of you have written me emails that I haven’t had a chance to respond to yet. I’m not forgetting you or ignoring you on purpose, I promise! I have just been so extremely busy. I know that some of the things you’ve emailed me about are of a stressful nature and I hope the delay isn’t adding to your stress. I can’t tell you when I will get back to you, but I will get back to you!

Deadlines/important dates
  • If you want to submit a Test 2 correction video, you may do so up until next Sunday, May 10 (a one-week extension). You don’t have to get feedback from your study group, but remember that you’ll only get to improve your grade if your video shows a perfect solution, so get any feedback you can. Submit final videos using this link.
  • Test #3b will follow the same format as Test #3a; it will be open from this Wednesday at noon to this Friday at noon. I’ll post a Test #3b checklist soon. A few of you did not submit your Test #3a according to the Test #3a checklist. I know it’s confusing with all the changes, but I expect the instructions for submitting your work for your final exam will be similar, so follow the checklist closely.
  • If you haven’t done so yet, please sign up for a Test #3 interview time slot on this schedule.
  • May 14 is the last day to withdraw officially from the class. You’ll see a W on your transcript but this will not affect your GPA. If anyone is thinking about dropping the class and wants to talk about it with me, just let me know.
  • June 25 is the last day to change your letter grade to the credit/no credit option. More details are here. This option might not work for everyone, but it might make sense for some of you. With this option, the credit/no credit grade does not affect your GPA. Talk to your academic advisor and financial aid advisor to determine if this option would work for you.
  • Yes, I will reopen all your old Webwork sets! No I haven’t done it yet! I’m waiting until after your 5/5 set is due to keep the old sets and new sets separate. The new deadlines will be the week before final exams.
  • I’ve made a few small changes to our new schedule. I expect these should be the *last* changes to the schedule!
MAT 2680

Some of you are required to take MAT 2680 (Differential Equations) after this class for your program. Professor Singh is teaching the online course in Summer Session I. He’s a great teacher! If you are planning to take the course, I really recommend you take it from him.