As announced in class, Test #3a and #3b will have three components:

  1. WeBWorK
  2. Written work
  3. One-on-one interview

As before, your questions will be delivered via Webwork. Test #3a has 5 questions and Test #3b has 5 questions (it will look like 6 questions; the first “question” is an academic integrity statement). The tests will be open for 2 days each. Your timer will count down from 1 hour after you start the test.

One thing that is different from Test #2 is that, if you want, you’ll be able to take a second version of the test within 24 hours of submitting your first version. This is optional. These will be completely different problems. You must submit written work for each version.

Your Webwork score will not count toward your overall grade EXCEPT if you submit two versions of the test; only one version of your written work will be graded: the version with the highest Webwork score. If the two scores are equal, your second submission will be the one that’s graded.

Test #3a: opens Wednesday, April 29 at 12 noon, closes Friday, May 1 at 12 noon (scroll to “Take Test 3a test “)

Test #3b opens Wednesday, May 6 at 12 noon, closes Friday, May 8 at 12 noon (scroll to “Take Test 3b test “)

Please let me know if you will not be able to complete the tests during these times so we can make other arrangements.

Written work

There are several ways to turn your written work into a single PDF document. If you are writing your work on paper and taking photos, place your student ID in the picture.

You will receive an email with a Dropbox File request from me. You do not have to have a Dropbox account (you will not even use your own Dropbox account if you have one). The email will contain a link where you can upload your PDF. Use the same link to upload written work if you take a second version of the test.

You have 10 minutes after your Webwork submission to assemble your written work into a single PDF document and share it with me.

Some good habits:

  • as you are working, write the page number at the top of each page;
  • write all questions on separate pages;
  • write the question number very large and clear;
  • if a question goes onto a second page write which number it is and “continued” at the top of the second page.

Your written work will be graded as usual. Don’t forget to check any antiderivatives you take by differentiating. Use good style.

Your written work counts for 2/3 of your exam grade.

One-on-one interview

Deadline to sign up for a time slot: Wednesday, April 29 at noon. Let me know if you aren’t available during any of the slots and we’ll make alternate arrangements. (Peter and Tony: please sign up for back-to-back slots.)

Sign up for an available time slot here. Please don’t move your classmates’ names around after they’ve entered theirs!

Interviews will be conducted over Webex. Links will be shared shortly. Please arrive on time as we have only 5 minutes. Make sure you have your work with you; we’ll both be looking at it. At the interview, I’ll ask you to explain your thought process for one or two of your solutions. Don’t just read what’s written on the page. Your work doesn’t have to be 100% correct, I just need to understand what was going through your mind as you wrote each step. This is a new skill, so practice doing this out loud before the interview.

There will be only one interview for Test #3. You maybe be asked about written solutions on your Test #3a or Test #3b.

You’ll receive a grade out of 5 for your interview component.

Your interview counts for 1/3 of your exam grade.