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Announcements from today’s class

(1) WebWork Alternating Series is due tomorrow (Wednesday). The Ratio and Root Tests set is due next Monday. (2) This Thursday’s quiz will cover material from last week: sections 10.3 and 10.4. (3) Thursday’s homework teams are: 8am: Yaser, Fuzail, … Continue reading

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WebWork – Intro to Series hint

I’ve noticed that a few of you have been using the ratio test for a few of the exercises on the Intro to Series WebWork set. We haven’t officially covered the ratio test yet, and that’s fine because you don’t … Continue reading

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Upcoming dates for WebWork, Quiz #2, and Homework Teams

The WebWork set Intro to Series is due next Monday night; you should complete it as soon as you can. The next set, Comparison Tests isn’t due until the 23rd but you can get started on it now. Look for … Continue reading

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WebWork and Quiz #1 This Week

The WebWork set for Taylor Polynomials is due tomorrow (Wednesday) night. The WebWork set for Sequences is due Monday night, but it’s quite long, so you should get started on it as soon as you can. We’ll finish the corresponding … Continue reading

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WebWork Review Due February 2

The first four WebWork sets are due at 11.59pm on Wednesday, February 2. You do not need to submit the sets once you’ve finished. WebWork will just record whatever answers you’ve submitted at 11.59. The names of the sets are: … Continue reading

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