WebWork and Quiz #1 This Week

The WebWork set for Taylor Polynomials is due tomorrow (Wednesday) night. The WebWork set for Sequences is due Monday night, but it’s quite long, so you should get started on it as soon as you can. We’ll finish the corresponding section (10.1) after the quiz on Thursday, but you can already complete questions 1-12. In fact, you can complete the whole set now, but you might need to review material from section 2.7 of your book (limits at infinity).

This week’s quiz will be on Taylor polynomials. There will be one question that will be very similar to the questions in your textbook homework, your WebWork, or the final exam review sheet. It will be worth a total of 5 points, with one point reserved for style, as explained in class today.

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  1. Marcel Roman says:

    Professor, I’ve been trying to answer the webwork questions, but I keep getting ‘incorrect’ for my answers. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong and wanted to know if you could see my incorrect inputs to at least see I’m answering the questions.

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