Professor Kate Poirier | D030 | Fall 2022

Russell – cheat sheet for standard 3

Trig formulas starting with a geometric proof of double angles (makes the rest easier to remember). And how to integrate secx because it comes up a lot.

Also, I just realized my right triangle for x = asin(theta) has a mistake in it

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  1. Ken Mei

    I found how he has a full page just for formulas very helpful because in my cheat sheet I didn’t really have enough room after putting all those example problems on my cheat sheet. This did inspire me to want to make changes in my cheat sheet. In the future I would like to make a more organized section with formulas of the Hot Topic Standards that I wish to try again or attempt that week’s recommended Hot Topic Standard. As for suggestions that might help them improve their cheat sheet would be a detailed step by step breakdown of a problem for the standard they wish to attempt.

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