WebWork – Taylor Polynomials

The next WebWork set will be due Monday, October 27.

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Test #2 – Tuesday, October 28

As announced in class, your second test will be held in class on October 28. It will cover everything since test #1, up to and including section 8.4. Keep in mind that with many of the integration techniques, you’ve learned how to write an integrand in a form that you know how to integrate using a previous technique. This means that you’ll still need the integration techniques from test #1 on test #2.

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Quiz #4 – Thursday October 16

This week’s quiz will cover section 7.5 (the method of partial fractions).

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Partial Fractions Webwork Problem 3

Hey everyone.  This is Andrew Maloney posting with a question:

I can’t figure out what to do with Partial Fractions question 3.  I know that my denominator has no Real roots


So it’s a product of one irreducible (over the Reals) quadratic.  It seems to me that the partial fractions technique won’t get me anywhere with this problem.

I think I should parse the denominator as:

(x+3)^2 + 25

Then use substitution and trig substitution.

Yes, doing this gives me the answer.

Can anyone see a way that partial fractions could be applied here?  In fact, as I move through the other questions, I also can’t find a way to apply the partial fractions technique to question 10. Instead, I use a substitution within a substitution, similar to the technique I used for this problem but with regular substitution instead of trig substitution.

What am I missing?


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Test #1 Solutions

Here are my own solutions for test #1: MAT1575Test1Solutions

The scan quality isn’t great; let me know if you can’t read something or if you have any questions.

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A few short notes

  1.  Your next WebWork set–Partial Fractions–is due October 13. Have a nice weekend.
  2. I’ll try to have your tests graded for Tuesday’s class, but I might need more time than that. As soon as I have the grades, I’ll post them in Blackboard’s gradebook.
  3. I know this course is a lot of work and that you’re trying to balance it with all your other responsibilities. Unfortunately, that is not going to change and I cannot extend WebWork deadlines for you. You’ll notice that you’ve completed 9 WebWork assignments and there are still 18 assignments left to go. That said, if you have a sudden family or health emergency, just let me know and we’ll see what we can do. Otherwise, please do your best to stay on top of WebWork. There are 11 weeks left in the semester, which might sound like a long time, but at least it’s finite, and if you fall behind now you will not be able to catch up.
  4. Just a reminder, there are resources for you if you need help outside of class (and I expect you will need help since outside of class is where you do most of your practicing and learning)
    • My office hours are Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 10-11am, and by appointment.
    • Tutoring is available: Tutoring Flyer F2014
    • The Atrium Learning Center may also be of help.
    • Your most valuable resources are each other! There are 39 other people who are thinking about the exact same things you are. Working together in person is best, but sometimes communicating electronically is enough.
    • I’ll add a “Discussion” tab and category to our OpenLab site. Please feel free to post your own questions/answers/whatever you want and comment on each other’s posts. You create a post by clicking on the plus sign at the top of the screen. Make sure you click the “Discussion” category at the right-hand side before publishing. The “Publish” button is on the upper right of the screen.
    • I don’t really encourage it, but if you are stuck understanding a particular topic, it might help to search YouTube for videos that can explain it.
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Quiz #3 – Thursday, September 18

This week’s quiz will cover integration by substitution and/or integration of transcendental functions.

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WebWork for September 22 and October 1

The following WebWork sets are due Sunday night:

  1. Further Transcendental Functions
  2. Integration by Parts
  3. Trigonometric Integrals

The next set will be due on Wednesday, October 1-Trigonometric Substitution. We’ll be starting Trigonometric Substitution in class this Thursday. It’s a topic that a lot of students struggle with the first time they see it, so I encourage you to give yourself enough time (next week, when we don’t have class) to work on this set. It’s due the night before your first test. If there are any issues with it, we can address them in class on Tuesday, September 30.

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Test #1 – Thursday, October 2

Your first in-class test will be held on October 2. It will cover everything on the syllabus up to and including section 7.3.

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Quiz #2 grades


Just FYI…

This image shows the class’s grade distribution for quiz #1 (top) and quiz #2 (bottom). It may not look very scientific, since I just laid the papers out on the floor instead of making a fancy bar graph, but I think it shows something interesting…

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