WebWork due dates

I’ve updated the due dates for your remaining WebWork sets. Don’t worry…they won’t change again! All sets are now due on Wednesday, December 17; the night before your final exam. Please don’t wait until then to complete these sets! If you find any of the exercises particularly tricky, we can talk about them in class or during office hours.

You should be able to complete the sets Setting Up Integrals – Volume and Volumes of Revolution now.

The remaining topics are 6.4: The Method of Cylindrical Shells and 8.4: Length and Surface Area. We’ll go over these in class on Thursday. (The method of cylindrical shells is a second method for computing volumes of revolution. Formulas for computing length and surface area are different, but they operate on the same principles as the computations of areas and of volumes that we’ve seen already.) The corresponding WebWork sets are pretty short, so you’ll want to make sure to practice exercises from your textbook as well.

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