Project Abstract

Abu Butt                                                                                                                                              April 9, 2014

MAT 1475H


Where should a pilot start descent?

In our project, we are trying to find out where should a pilot start to land/descent. The pilot will start,  [starting] at a certain height. During a certain time of period, the velocity of an airplane will change according to distance from the runway. The formula to calculate the velocity is V = d/t. Our goal is to find out the speed, height, and length [distance] of [from] the runway, from where an airplane should start landing. As we know, the pilot wants to descent at the polynomial of x3, and k is constant. We will use  knowledge of calculus to solve this problem.

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  1. Kate Poirier says:

    Hello airplane team! Your abstract looks pretty good. I’m going to make some recommendations by editing your post above. Let me know if you approve of them!

    Essentially, I’m just going to take some parts out that are more appropriate for the introduction than the abstract. The introduction can be a rather long description of what the project is about, and can include a little more technical detail, but the abstract should be short and sweet.

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