Group projects – latest info and deadlines

Titles/abstracts – this Wednesday: Now that each group has a topic, you should be working on your titles and abstracts. You can try to think of a fun-sounding title that is descriptive and gets people’s attention. The abstract should be a short, non-technical description of what the project is about. Bring in a draft to class this Wednesday; we’ll take the last few minutes of class to convert to a final draft.

Rough outline and responsibilities – this Friday (evening): It might seem early in the process to be planning your poster already, but it will help you know what to do over spring break. Use this as your template. Think about what will go where. I think it’s nice to have both a short abstract and a longer and more technical introduction/project description. Things to consider (depending on your topic):

  • title
  • abstract
  • longer introduction/description
  • if you’re modeling some data by defining a function that you’ll analyze, you’ll probably want to include both a scatter plot of the data and a graph of the function, along with a description of how you defined the function (since this isn’t a modeling class, this is kind of a trial-and-error process, but after-the-fact you can make the process sound fancier)
  • a description of how you collected the data
  • a description of how the calculus-based analysis that you’re doing relates to the real-life problem you’re addressing/solving
  • the actual mathematical analysis
  • a conclusion about how the math you did answered the real-life problem

Share your outline by posting on the OpenLab. It can be in list form, or you can upload a modified template with a description of what will go where.

Poster draft – Tuesday, April 22 (evening): I should emphasize that each of the groups have considerable work to do before you can actually start writing about the work, so make sure you leave enough time for everything. (Think of this like a research paper…first you have to do the research and then you have to figure out how you’re going to write about it and then you actually have to do the writing. The rough outline above should help with figuring out how to do the writing.) This draft should be fairly complete. You should have all of the writing done, even if it’s not in 100% final form. If you still have to insert image files, you can leave a blank spot but just put the word “image” somewhere. Again, you can use this as a template and modify it to fit your needs.

Please upload your PowerPoint document to the OpenLab before you go to sleep on Tuesday, April 22 so that we can take a look at all the beautiful posters in class on Wednesday, and see what needs to be done to finalize them. You’re more than welcome to share earlier drafts of the poster too, to get feedback from me and the other groups.

Final poster draft – Friday, April 25: Hopefully there won’t be much work to do after Wednesday’s class. Please email it to me by midnight on Friday.

Poster set-up – Wednesday, May 7, 9-11am: I’m not exactly sure what this will involve, but we can head down during class if need be.

Poster session – Wednesday, May 7, 11am-4pm & Thursday, May 8, 10am-3pm: It’d be ideal to have at least one group member standing by the poster during these times to answer questions. I know you’re all busy, so this isn’t mandatory. Maybe you can each fit in an hour or two.

Awards Ceremony – Thursday, May 8:
Reception: 12-12:30pm in N119
Ceremony: 12:30 – 2pm in AG 30

Poster take-down – Thursday, May 8  2:45-3:00pm: Please arrange for at least one of your group members to be there to take the poster down.

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