My mathematical history – Nadezhda Yagubova

Hello everybody! My name is Nadezhda Yagubova. I was born in former Soviet Union and I live in Brooklyn for about 5 years. My major is in Chemical Technologies and I am taking this class, because it is required for my major and also I like the math. This is my third math class at City Tech, previously I took 1275 and 1375 Math classes.

I took some math classes in High School back in my home town that were very similar to Calculus. Out of all subjects, I like the math, because it is very interesting and prompting subject, and I enjoy it, especially trigonometry.

Math is a basis of all sciences. In today’s life, math connects every major either you’re going to be an accountant, a doctor or an engineer. It is all around us, and I don’t think that anything could replace it.

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