My Mathematical History – Sagar Lamsal

Hey! I’m Sagar Lamsal. I am 16 years old. Going to be 17 pretty soon. I’m from Nepal. Not a lot of people know about. In case you also didn’t know, it is where Himalayas are. And if you don’t know Himalayas, then just Google it. It is going to be my 3rd year in United States on October. I have been living in NYC since I came here. I live in Manhattan. I live in midtown Manhattan, specifically.

I loved mathematics since I was a little kid. I still love it now. My major is Computer Engineering.  I had taken AP Calculus in high school. I think that was Calculus AB or College Calculus I. But I only got a 3 on my AP test so I got placed in Calculus I. Basically I am going to learn the whole thing again, which I think is pretty awesome and easy because I would know most of the things already. I think I am the youngest in this class, considering my age.  I’m taking this course because of two reasons; # 1 I already told you above and, 2. It is a requirement for my major. Yeah, so that’s all I have to say. And I wish GOOD LUCK to all my fellow classmates. Have a great semester ahead. I can’t wait to officially start the class. Hehe. 😀

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