My Mathematical History-Kevin Munoz

Hello. I was born in New York, and raised in the Bronx, am majoring in Electromechanical Engineering.  If i had to describe myself, I’ll say am very quiet and keep to myself  most times, well that how I am in class. I personally don’t like working in group and prefer to work by myself, this doesn’t mean i cant work with a group, it just mean that i prefer to work alone.

Honestly, my history with math is not that good, in high school i barely passed  my math classes, the only class i didn’t pass with a border line grade was my algebra class. My teachers always said that i was good at identifying the problem and understanding the logic, but lack the ability to do the math.

Don’t get me wrong, i don’t hate math, if anything I fine math to be an amazing subject, with many things to offer to the world. the thing is that, to me, math is too much work. I mean i see it uses and admire it beauty, but am not that interested in doing the math, not because it hard to understand but just a lack interest. As to why am in calculus, I was told that it was a required course and on top of that I passed my pre-calculus class in high-school, so i was put into calculus. Personally, i feel like am gonna fail the class, not because am bad at math, just my lack of confidences in math.

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