Test #2 will be held in class next Thursday, March 29. Check the schedule for the topics covered. The test will cover sessions 10-16 but you may need techniques from sessions 1-9.

Like last time, choose one question from Webwork, textbook homework, or the final exam review sheet to complete and share on the OpenLab. Don’t forget to add the category Test #2 Review before you publish your post. Let us know in the post title where the question is coming from. Posts are due by 10am on Thursday, March 29 (right before the test, though earlier is better).

Last time most of the solutions that people shared focused on only a few topics and the questions tended to be shorter and easier than the ones on the test. This time, try to make sure all the different topics are represented and try to include questions with longer or harder solutions.

This assignment will count toward your participation grade.