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Introducing Micahel selby

Hello all my major is Radiology . My favorite animals are cats however I’m allergic so I’ve never had the pleasure of owning a pet. After this math course I will be enrolling in 1325. Some of the hobbies I enjoy would be photography, botany and baking

Introducing Meiling Henry

My name is Meiling Henry, and I am a proud Civil Engineering major. I chose this career path because I a few years ago I participated in a STEM program and then interned for an Architect. I will be taking Math 1375 in the summer, so I can start Calculus in the Fall. I don’t know what company I would like to work for yet, but it must be socially conscious to help humanity.  During my pastime, I enjoy dancing and relaxing while watching T.V.

Introducing James Tretola

My major is nursing, but was previously criminal justice because of my interest in law enforcement. After being active duty in the army as a 31 Bravo I decided against police work. I am entering the nursing program at City Tech. After earning my RN, I would like to pursue an advanced degree in science. I love all animals, but my favorites are big cats ranging from lions to pumas, but I’m actually allergic to house cats and some dogs.

Introducing Jorge Lopez

Hello everyone, I’m a Computer Science Major and I chose this Major because I’ve always been interested in Technology. After this class I will be taking MAT 1375 aka Precalculus. After I graduate I hope to get a job somewhere in the gaming industry. I hope to become a better Math student by taking this class and receive a better understanding on Algebra and Trigonometry. I’m into gaming and my favorite animal is a Wolf.

introducing Richard F. Rodriguez

hello everyone, my major is construction engineer. i choose this major because i was alway interested in how humans could build building the size of city blocks and bridges that are big enough for other humans to cross over. i will be taking mat1375 next semester. after school i wish to own my own company and start with my family and build up but getting a job HDR inc. Im into video games, and the gym and my favorite color is red

Introducing Daniel Molina

My major is CST. I’m pursuing this major because I was always curious about how computers work and the topic of cybersecurity.  I will be taking MAT1375 after this class. In terms of where I want to work, I either want to work for Delta or Google. I mostly play video games and watch a lot of soccer, and my favorite animal  is a Husky.

Introducing Brianna Thomas

Hi, my name is Brianna Thomas and I  am majoring is Liberal Arts and Sciences.  I’m currently doing my liberal arts here at City Tech to get a feel of college first then once I complete it I will be transferring to Adelphi University to pursue an accounting major. In this course I hope to strengthen my math skills so when I  move to MAT 1375, next semester,  I will be on top of my game. My favorite animals are dogs and one day I hope to get another, a husky to be specific.

Introducing Shawn Chisholm

My major is mechanical engineering . I became interested in my major because it was something I always wanted to do from when I was younger, like fix things around the house whenever I had the chance, help my father with mechanic work when he needed help like fixing different things on his car or using tools to help make something. I plan to take math 1375 after I complete this course. When I graduate from city tech I hope to get a job in my field of degree like working at the same place my father works which is Con Edison. I hope to gain more knowledge on the topics we cover throughout this course or refresh my memory on whatever I know already. I’m interested in things like sneakers, clothes, and sports. I like to collect sneakers and buy clothes whenever I have the chance to, and stay active by like working out in the gym or playing basketball whenever I can.  My favorite animal is a tiger.

Introducing Abrahan Encarnacion

Hello my name is Abrahan Encarnacion and my current major is CST but i may change it to radiology in the future. I was always interested in my major since I got my first computer when i was a young kid. After math 1275 i will be taking math 1375. I hope to become a computer programmer after 4 years and my next hope is to open up my own business. I hope to refresh and better my mathematical knowledge and advance onto the next course. I enjoy playing league and hanging out with my friends. My favorite animal is a penguin.

Introduction Sergio Tello

Hi my name is Sergio, I am currently enrolled for the 5 year architecture program. One of the reasons architecture caught my attention was because of the hands on involvement and the use of drawing. I went to a high school for fine arts graduated with CTE diploma in it , i love soccer, bikes, and a lot of physical activity. Once i graduate i plan on going to work for an architecture to then get my Architect license.

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