Hello classmates and Prof Poirier. My name is Pedro and I am enrolled in City Tech for a degree in  Computer Systems. Like much of the modern day world, technology is a pivotal part of our lives and from a young age there’s always been something that attracted me to the topic. I’m working two jobs (1 being an internship) and am a full-time student with 5 classes. As for hobbies, I enjoy hanging with my friends and watching movies. My best friend is my bed and my favorite day of the week are my days off. After I graduate my plan is to find the career in my field of interest, and work hard until I hit the lottery. My favorite animal are dogs because they’re extremely aware and conscious to the people around them and they’re affection is unmatched. I believe I’ll gain greater knowledge from the world of mathematics by the end of this semester and am very grateful to be a part of the class.