My name is Rebecca Loaisiga, and I currently am undercleared radiology of medical imaging. I became interested in this major because i’ve always seen myself being apart of the medical field. I slowly started to become interested in science and being able to learn about the physical body is something that everyone should know. I hope to be able to help others and grow in the industry. I believe MAT 1275 is my last requirement in terms of math courses in the future. What I hope to do after City Tech is to hopefully being able to work in the field and work towards saving to not only have my neccesities but be able to travel the world. What I hope to gain out of this course is to master each task, and seek help when needed ( so going to office hours and having a independent one on one would be so cool to have because math is one of those subjects that I struggle the most with.) Interests is that I like to free write, read books, watch movies, spend time with friends and try new foods. My favorite animal would have to be shitzu dogs.