Kobe,Scott, Mohsin, Tyrone

Factor the expression. 2z^2+12z-14


Factoring , Polynomials , quadratic expression, Addition and subtraction of algebraic expression.


  1. It’s a polynomial expression.
  2. The highest power of the variable ‘z’ in this expression is 2.
  3. As there is power of 2 which makes it a quadratic expression
  4. The leading coefficient of the quadratic term is 2.
  5. There is a linear term, 12z, in the expression.
  6. There is a constant term, -14, in the expression.
  7. The coefficient of the quadratic term (2) is positive.
  8. The coefficient of the linear term (12) is positive.
  9. The constant term (-14) is negative.
  10. To find the roots (solutions) of this expression, you can use the quadratic formula.


  1. What is the degree of this polynomial?
  2. Can you factor this expression?
  3. What are the coefficients of the quadratic, linear, and constant terms?
  4. Are there any real solutions for this expression?
  5. Why is this expression considered quadratic?
  6. Are there complex roots for this expression?
  7. Is the coefficient of the linear term positive or negative?
  8. What is the sign of the constant term?
  9. Can this expression be further simplified?
  10. What’s the sum of the coefficients in this expression?