Project #4: Review

This project was interesting and fun to me. I just wish it could have been done when it wasn’t so cold. Though everything is beautiful at this time of year with fall/winter colors and Christmas decorations. Having to to find a new route to go either back home or to City Tech was fun to do because I got to discover new places that I didn’t know of before. I also liked the idea of having to persuade someone into wanting my app and wanting to take my route. The steps of the project were really helpful, how it went from describing the route, to the pitch, to the final revision. Also getting help from other classmates was very useful and it helped me with the revision of my pitch. The feedback helped me with expanding my essay, and I learned that I had to be a little more detailed on certain things. There were also things that I had to take out, I also did add some more information. The feedback was really helpful. I think I need to work a little more on my descriptions in my writing. So the reader can have a better image in their head of what I’m describing on my route. I think I did well at playing a persuasive role throughout the essay, having to make the reader want to take my route, and want to download the app. I also think I did a good job in explaining where exactly I walked on my route.

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