About Me


Hi, welcome to my e-portfolio. My name is Pei Li Low, first name :  Pei Li , last name : Low.

In school, they call me Pei.  Most of my friends call me Reen and all my family call me Pei Li.  So if you call me Pei Li or Reen  I will respond to you.

I was born in Malaysia and immigrated to New York on Jan 1, 2007.  I currently attend the  dental hygiene program in NYCCT and graduate on June 3, 2014.

So why did¬†I choose Dental Hygiene to be¬†my career? I guess I have to tell you, I didn’t choose to be a dental hygienist at the very beginning.¬† Instead I was planning to go to¬†the¬†nursing program. ¬†I¬†have worked in a dental office since 2008 and most of¬†my colleages told me that dental hygiene is a every good career to be.¬† Therefore I changed my mind and gave myself a chance to expose the dental hygiene world.¬† I successfully¬†got accepted to¬†the dental hygiene program¬†in 2012 after I had completed all the prerequisites.

Everything has changed since I got into the program including my learning behavior.  I was having a very tough time keeping up my grades at the beginning of the program.  I was so glad that I had a bunch of classmates who helped each other by forming study groups where we studied and discussed the material together.

However despite struggling at the beginning of my studies,¬†a wonderful thing¬†happened to me;¬† I was lucky to¬†¬†have a group of wonderful, helpful and thoughtful dental hygiene¬†experts to be my¬†professor. ¬†They tried their best, sacrificed their time,¬†put all their efforts just to educate¬†and guide¬†me¬†in the right direction.¬† I can’t even describe how much appreciation I have¬†for all the efforts that they¬†put¬†forth for¬†me.¬†¬†Their efforts and devotion to me made me want to become a better dental hygienist and make them proud.

We have the most amazing dental hygiene members, faculty and professors riding along on the journey with all of us.   The journey contains lots of tears, fun and happiness that form memories that will last forever.  Anyone is welcome to join us at NYCCT dental hygiene program.