Mapping tools, websites and other resources on the web

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Online Resources
A comprehensive list of software, data sets, and online lectures compiled by the Map Division at NYPL.

The free wiki world map; create a free account to edit and create maps.

A free online editable map of the world.

Teaching with Maps from the University at Buffalo map collection Lists collections of online maps, geographic data sites, and teaching resources.

NYPL Map Warper
A free online tool for rectifying digitized historic maps in the NYPL collection.

An interactive mapping website that captures and presents personal video accounts of the life and culture of New York City.

Web-based tool to visualize and analyze geospatial data. A free account provides the user with up to 5 data tables and up to 5MB of storage.

Green Map
With mapmaking as its medium, this organization supports inclusive participation in sustainable community development. Anyone can join and participate in the Open Green Map project.

MTAM (More than a Map)
An app for the iPhone/iPad, MTAM allows users to locate, experience, and contribute to African American History through an interactive map. Designed to show that the this aspect of American History exists all around us, even in months outside of February, the application highlights relevant locations in one’s immediate vicinity and gives users the ability to upload their own. Initial funding provided by ITVS.

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