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Mapping the novel (or short story)

Mapping the novel (or short story, or other literary work) Based on the Mapping novels with Google Earth exercise, this activity locates a fictional text in the real world. Class discussion on the mapping exercise can be driven by investigating … Continue reading

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Citizen cartographer

Working in groups or individually, students will layer a historic map of a geographic area onto a contemporary map, satellite image, or street grid. Learning objectives: Students will develop their ability to interpret multiple forms of evidence, including that from … Continue reading

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Readings & resources on urban pedagogy, service learning & place-based education

Bairner, Alan. “Urban walking and the pedagogies of the street.” Sport, Education and Society 16.3 (2011): n. pag. Web. 15 Nov. 2011. Dobson, Stephen. “Urban pedagogy: a proposal for the twenty‐first century.” London Review of Education 4.2 (2006): 99-114. Fraser, … Continue reading

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