About Me

Peta-Gaye Keane – Self-Biography


My name is Peta-Gaye Keane and I am a Communication Design Management student at the New York City College of Technology. My focus has not yet been determined but I do however hold vast interests in the world of creativity and design. When I first started out at City Tech, I was convinced to some degree of the career path I wanted to take, which involved but was not limited to event planning, designs, moving image production and editing. Based on my list of interests, it would seem I am not convinced of my exact career choice. However, this is one of the many good things I’ve learned about Design Management; it opens doors to countless possibilities. While attending City Tech I was further introduced to a much wider variety of interesting career options, which has allowed me to be more complacent with taking my time to evaluate my options in order to make the decisions best suited for myself.

There are designers that I find extremely interesting based on their techniques and the approach they take when it comes to design. Such designers like Paul Rand, Nick Night, Stefan Sagmeister, just to name a few. Their nontraditional approach to design has influenced me to not be afraid of my own mind and to always be willing to explore new realms. Learning and understanding InDesign, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop through my Type and Media 1 course during my previous semester, has been extremely beneficial and has truly broadened my own expectations of designs. It has been remarkable to see the world through lettering/letter design and realizing how the written art is so appealing because of how a serif may run from one end of a letter to the beginning of another, reminding me of a choreographed dance. My ultimate goal of course is to graduate magna cum laude, but mostly to be able to shape the world the way I envision it in my mind’s eyes.