Nia Baker

Born in the small southern town of Greensboro, North Carolina where little to nothing exciting happens, Nia knew there had to be more. At a young age her parents enrolled her in the typical ballet/jazz dance classes and cheerleading but Nia quickly grew bored. She experimented with other outlets such as art and playing musical instruments. She enjoyed these activities yet she wasn’t passionate about any one over the other. It wasn’t until her sophomore year in high school where she was introduced to a whole different culture of dance; Hip-Hop. From that moment she used every second she could to learn from the YouTube videos that she carefully studied. Though Hip-Hop was always part of her life (through music) she never realized how much she loved it; Nia finally found something she was truly passionate about. In discovering her passion she happened to stumble upon another activity she enjoyed equally; video editing. As she worked on her craft she would record her progress and edit these collective clips to post on YouTube, the “cyber instructor” that once taught her. Nia decided that there was nothing for her in her small town and though she could continue to self-teach, she realized her progress would increase tremendously if she re-located. Over the past year Nia took time out of school and focused on her first passion. She has been on multiple teams, in videos, performances and a variety of classes. She has also met the most amazing people in that period of time. Now, it is time for her to focus on her other passion, and City-Tech is the perfect place for it. Though she has much to improve on in both areas she hopes to learn as much as she can and use her knowledge in both areas to inspire and make something new.

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